Lieutenant William S. Sutherland

Chief Inspector William S. Sutherland

William Swanson Sutherland was born in 1891 and, after schooling, joined the City of Glasgow Police in 1913.

He served in several Divisions and Departments in the force in the force and in the late 1930s was promoted to Lieutenant in charge of the Nationality and Alien’s Department, a post that would have many challenges in the forthcoming Second World War.

During the Second World War, civilians and military personnel from many countries of the World passed through Glasgow for a variety of reasons and his department was engaged in processing the necessary documentation. Liaison with the various consulates was essential and the efficiency with which his department dealt with their many diplomatic contacts was highly regarded.

In 1948, the rank designation of Lieutenant was renamed Chief Inspector and Lieutenant Sutherland was one of those given the new rank designation.

As a result, the countries of Denmark and Norway decorated Chief Inspector Sutherland with the King Christian Medal (Denmark) and the King Haakon VII Cross (Norway) as a token of their esteem.

Chief Inspector Sutherland retired from the Glasgow Police shortly thereafter.