Master of Police Walter Graham

Walter Graham, who ran a rum shop, suceeded John Stenhouse as Master of Police on 5 September 1803. Over six feet in height and possessed a lordly bearing, he was known throughout the City as ‘The General‘.

When Mr Graham assumed command, the force numbered ninety-five officers and men and the weekly pay bill amounted to £45 5s. Annual expenditure was offset by several items of income, including £450 from the sale of the dung swept from the streets and £150 from fines imposed in the police court.

Mr Graham’s rule was short lived. In the spring of 1805 the police commissioners asked him to head the patrol at night. He refused and was informed by the commissioners that they would have no further need of his services after September unless he was re-elected. On 2 September, 1805, he was unsuccessful in the election. He resigned and returned to operating his rum house.