Sergeant Robert Paterson and Constable Alexander Innes

Robert Paterson was born in October 1917 and joined the City of Glasgow Police in January 1939. He was posted to ‘A’ (Central) Division. He was called up for service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War from October 1942 until September 1945, when he returned to duty.

In May 1953, he was promoted to Sergeant and posted to ‘D’ (Southern) Division. In February 1960 he was promoted to Inspector and returned to ‘A’ (Central) Division.

On 6 November 1963, whilst off duty, playing golf, he suddenly collapsed and died, aged 46 years. Inspector Paterson’s medals are on display in The Glasgow Police Museum.

Alexander Innes joined the City of Glasgow Police in August 1946 and was posted to the ‘D’ (Southern) Division. (no photograph available)

On 4 December 1954, during severe gales, Sergeant Paterson and Constable Innes attended a report that a chimney-head had collapsed through the roof of a tenement building in Oxford Street, Glasgow. It was established that two women were trapped in the debris and both officers courageously entered the building and rescued the women. They were awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Glasgow Corporation Bravery Medal.