Assistant Chief Constable Auchterlonie Williamson

Assistant Chief Constable Auchterlonie Williamson joined the West Lothian Constabulary in 1882 and served at Linlithgow and Bathgate. In 1890, he was on duty at the opening of the Forth Bridge by The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII.

He resigned from that police force in 1891, came to Glasgow and joined the City of Glasgow Police that same year. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1897 and after a period in the Criminal Department, was promoted to uniformed Inspector.

He was attached to the Northern Division and was soon promoted to Lieutenant. In 1914, now with the rank of Superintendent, he was moved to the ‘L’ (Partick) Division.

Two years later, he returned to the ‘A’ (Central) Division and remained a Superintendent until, in 1926, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable. In 1927, he was awarded the King’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service.

In 1928, during the illness of Chief Constable A. D. Smith, Mr Williamson acted as Chief Constable until the appointment of Chief Constable P.J. Sillitoe in 1931. He then resumed his duties as first Assistant Chief Constable.

He retired in 1933 after 33 years Police Service and died, aged 66, the following year.