Constable Archibald Walker

Archibald Walker was born in Glasgow on 25 November, 1913.  After schooling, he worked in an engineering works as a machine-man.

He joined the Glasgow Police  on 5 July 1937 and worked as a beat constable.

In 1940, he was on beat patrol during an air-raid when he was knocked down and badly shaken by a blast from a bomb which demolished part of a two-storey tenement dwelling. Although suffering from shock he entered the building and helped people out.  Then, although the masonry and roof were in a very dangerous condition, he set to work lifting furniture, beams of wood, and heavy stones, in order to free those who had been trapped underneath.  

He refused to rest until all the victims had been found and released.  He was in great danger all the time as the walls and roof were liable to collapse at any time.

By his courageous and unceasing activity, Constable Walker was instrumental in saving the lives of two of the persons who had been trapped.

On 4 April, 1941, he was awarded the George Medal for the gallantry he displayed during the rescue.

(Supplement to the London Gazette, 4 April 1941