The Clyde Police 1862 – 66

In 1845, the policing of the River Clyde passed from the Clyde Navigation Trust to the Glasgow Police and was known as the Clyde Division.

In 1858, under the Clyde Navigation Consolidation Act, the trustees gained the power to establish a separate Police force, although it was not until 1862, that they established the Clyde Police.


The Clyde Police wore uniforms of a distinctly naval appearance with a top hat. Their buttons had an anchor and the words ‘Clyde Police’.


The Glasgow Police Act of 1866 brought the Clyde Police (87 men) again under the control of the Glasgow Police and it was absorbed into the force as the Marine Division.   To symbolise their Clyde Police heritage, the Glasgow Police Marine Division wore an anchor on their collar and their police office was in McAlpine Street.