Chief Constable David Warnock

David Warnock was born in 1886 in Kirkcudbright and joined Ayr Burgh Police in 1906.   He served in that force for 24 years attaining the rank of Deputy Chief Constable.

In 1930 he was appointed Chief Constable of Kirkcaldy Burgh Police a post he held until being appointed Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) in the City of Glasgow Police on 1 January 1933.

When Sir Percy Sillitoe resigned on 28 February 1943, Assistant Chief Constable David Warnock was promoted to the post of Chief Constable of Glasgow.

Sadly, after only three months he fell ill and died on 29 May 1943.

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm McCulloch acted as Chief Constable during Mr. Warnock’s illness and after his untimely death until appointed as Mr. Warnock’s successor.