Chief Constable Percy J. Sillitoe

Sir Percy J. Sillitoe

PERCY JOSEPH SILLITOE was appointed Chief Constable of Glasgow on 1 December 1931 from Sheffield City Police, where he had also been Chief Constable.

He immediately set about re-organising the force and reducing the number of divisions from eleven to seven.

He set up the Identification Bureau, introduced wireless into police cars and is credited with ‘inventing’ the “Sillitoe Tartan”, the black & white chequered cap band he is wearing in the above photograph.     He also successfully oversaw operations to beat the infamous ‘Glasgow Gangs’ of the 1930’s.

He resigned on 28 February 1943 to take over the Kent Constabulary and subsequently went on to a senior position in MI5.

He died in 1962 in Eastbourne.