Constable Arthur Williamson

Constable Arthur Williamson joined the City of Glasgow Police on 17 April 1923, and was posted to ‘A’ (Central) Division. His Register Number was E-388.

About 11 pm on 16 February 1926, during a severe snowstorm, a man was seen to jump into the River Clyde from the parapet of the Albert Bridge. A witness informed Constable Williamson who, without taking off his greatcoat, jumped into the river. He did this with complete disregard for his own safety as it was intensely cold and there was as strong current running at the time.

Due to the intensity of the snowstorm, visibility was extremely limited and Constable Williamson had to remain in the water, searching for the missing man for some time. He finally located him floating in the middle of the river, about 40 yards from the bank.

Constable Williamson then took hold of the man and pulled him to the river bank where he was assisted from the river by members of the public. His colleagues later said that it took him three hours to stop shivering such was the intense cold of the water.

For his bravery, Constable Williamson was awarded the King’s Police Medal for Gallantry and the Glasgow Corporation Bravery Medal.

Constable Williamson spent his entire service in the ‘A’ (Central) Division and retired as an Inspector on 18 April 1949.