Constable John Gunn

John Gunn, a native of Muir of Ord, Ross-shire, joined the City of Glasgow Police in April 1948 and was posted to the ‘E’ (Northen) Division. He was allocated the Register Number L.486.

On 2 August 1961, Constable Gunn was on foot patrol in New City Road when he heard the sound of breaking glass. From a nearby corner, he could see a man, silhouetted by a street lamp, trying to force his way through the front window of a public house. When he tried to get nearer to the man, he ran into a nearby alley. A lengthy chase occurred and Constable Gunn cornered the man in a narrow alleyway several streets away. As he approached the man to arrest him, he saw that he had a knife in his hand. The man then lunged at the constable and stabbed him in the stomach. Both men fell to the ground and in the struggle proceeded to stab the constable four more times in his body. The attacker then ran off leaving the officer lying in a pool of blood. His attacker was later arrested, admitted attempting to murder the constable and was detained indefinitely in the State Mental Hospital at Carstairs.

In recognition of his outstanding bravery while attempting to arrest his attacker, Constable Gunn was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Glasgow Corporation Medal for Bravery.

John Gunn was off work for 6 months and returned to duty in January 1962. As a result of his serious injuries, he was confined to light duties for the rest of his service. He progressed through the ranks in an administrative capacity and retired as an Inspector in the Strathclyde Police Training School.

Inspector Gunn’s medals are on display in The Glasgow Police Museum.