Detective Constable Angus McKenzie and Constable Edward Barnett

Det. Const. Angus McKenzie & Constable Edward Barnett

About 4 pm on Wednesday 30 December 1969, Detective Constable McKenzie, Constable Barnett and three other officers were searching a flat of a former policeman, Howard Wilson at 51 Allison Street, Glasgow. As they opened a suitcase containing the proceeds of a bank robbery, Wilson produced a pistol and aimed at one of the officers, Inspector Hyslop. The gun jammed and the inspector lunged forward to seize the gun, but Wilson fired severely wounding him. Wilson then shot and killed Det. Constable Angus McKenzie and Constable Edward Barnett.

Hearing the shots, another officer, Detective Constable Campbell, emerged from one of the rooms and was successful in overpowering Wilson until assistance arrive from the nearby Police office.

In September 1970, both Detective Constable McKenzie and Constable Barnett were posthumously awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for Gallantry and the Glasgow Corporation Bravery Medal for the incident.

Detective Constable McKenzie died at the scene and Constable Barnett 5 days later. They are buried together in the Linn Cemetery, Glasgow.

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