Ex-Constable David Watt

David Farmington Watt joined the City of Glasgow Police in January 1954 and was posted to the ‘D’ (Southern) Division. He was allocated the Register Number L.686.

On 6 July 1956, he was on patrol in the Gorbals area of the division when he was informed that a man was threatening to throw himself from the outside ledge of the parapet of Glasgow Bridge. On reaching the scene, the suicidal man was extremely agitated and, although realising that he may be pulled over himself, Constable Watt was successful in seizing hold of the man and frustrating his strenuous efforts to throw himself off. The man received medical treatment.

For his courage and tenacity of purpose, Constable Watt was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Glasgow Corporation Medal for Bravery.

Shortly after the incident, Constable Watt resigned from the Glasgow Police.