Inspector Andrew Hyslop and Detective Constable John Campbell

Inspector Andrew Hyslop & Det. Constable John Campbell

ANDREW HYSLOP joined the City of Glasgow Police following his service in the Military Police and Provost Corps in the Far East.

He served in the Central and the Traffic Department before being seconded to the Training School to set up Firearms Training for members of the force.

During his service with the Traffic Department he was awarded the Glasgow Corporation Bravery Medal on two occasions. The first, in April 1957, he saved a young boy from drowning in the Robroyston Moss and in 1959, he helped rescue and elderly man from a burning tenement.

He was promoted to the rank of Inspector and transferred to the ‘D’ Southern Division where he worked as a Patrol Inspector.

JOHN CAMPBELL joined the City of Glasgow Police and, after a few years of street duty, he achieved his ambition to be appointed as a detective constable in ‘D’ (Southern) Division.

About 4 pm on Wednesday 30 December 1969, Inspector Hyslop, Det. Constable Campbell and three other officers were searching a flat of a former policeman, Howard Wilson at 51 Allison Street, Glasgow. As they opened a suitcase containing the proceeds of a bank robbery, Wilson produced a pistol and aimed at Inspector Hyslop. The gun jammed and the inspector lunged forward to seize the gun, but Wilson fired severely wounding him. Wilson then shot and killed two of the other officers, Det. Constable Angus McKenzie and Constable Edward Barnett.

Hearing the shots, Detective Constable Campbell emerged from one of the rooms and was successful in overpowering Wilson until assistance arrive from the nearby Police office.

In September 1970, both Inspector Hyslop and Det. Constable Campbell were awarded the George Medal and the Glasgow Corporation Bravery Medal for their gallantry at the incident.

As a result of his injuries, Inspector Hyslop retired from the Glasgow Police in 1971. He died on Islay on 5 November 2000. John Campbell, who retired with the rank of Detective Superintendent, died several years later.