Policewoman Constable Vivian Tweedie 

Vivian Tweedie (nee Kerr) joined Lanarkshire Constabulary in 1963 but resigned in 1965 on her marriage to Constable Robert Tweedie, also of Lanarkshire Constabulary, as Police Regulations then required. In 1971, when the regulations were changed to permit married policewomen, she joined the City of Glasgow Police and was posted to ‘A’ (Central) Division.

On 7 September 1972, Policewoman Constable Tweedie was on patrol in Bridgegate, Glasgow, along with Policewoman Constable Agnes Shields, when they were informed that a woman was threatening to throw herself into the nearby River Clyde.

WPC Agnes Shields

The made their was immediately down Saltmarket to Albert Bridge where they found that the woman was crouching behind the five foot high parapet, just above the water. WPC Tweedie clambered over the parapet onto the narrow ledge and held the woman against the stonework of the bridge, preventing her from falling or jumping into the river.

Meanwhile, WPC Tweedie was joined on the ledge by a Mr. O’Donnell and with the further assistance of WPC Shields, they managed to lift the woman back over the parapet to safety.

In recognition of her bravery, WPC Tweedie was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Glasgow Corporation Medal for Bravery. WPC Shields and Mr. O’ Donnell were also awarded the Glasgow Corporation Medal for Bravery.

As a result of the publicity surrounding the incident, WPC Tweedie was runner-up in the BBC ‘Policewoman of the Year 1974’.

WPC Tweedie is the policewoman most highly decorated for bravery in the Glasgow Police and her medals are on display in The Glasgow Police Museum.